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A Tale of Three Showers: Part 1

on July 25, 2012

Adam and I were not only blessed with a Stag and Doe, I was also blessed with three bridal showers.  Some brides get one but I had a few and I am thankful that I not only got to spend time with with many people, as in my first bridal shower, but I also had times to celebrate with my friends in a more intimate way.  This post is the first in the series, A Tale of Three Showers.

On July 7, I was blessed with a shower by my maids of honour Nyisha and Tierra, mother Valerie, and mother-in-law Mel. I had an amazing time.  It was light and fun and good energy.  The team worked hard to give me the shower of my dreams.  Nyisha asked me if I had any special requests for the day.  I did.  I wanted an advice book.  I wanted my guests to write down their best wishes and thoughts for the union.  I also asked for sunflowers, blue butterflies, and my favourite colours– blue and yellow.  (I also love green.)  Wishes granted.

My bridal shower was a fun-filled day.  I had just arrived from my friend Suzanne’s shower earlier that day.  About thirty of us filled my parents’ backyard and family room while the organizing team flitted about in preparation.  Tierra filled the role of a gracious and charming host.  Nyisha had things rolling along and made sure everything fell into place as well created the awesome decor and nice touches as the coordinator.  My mother had been cleaning and preparing the house for weeks before my shower.  Mel helped run errands, offered help wherever possible, and made some amazing vegan cupcakes.  (I gave her my recipe and I swear that her version of the cupcakes turned out best.)  Everyone was willing to offer a helping hand.

The attendees were a bit of a surprise to me. I didn’t know who would actually be able to attend the shower.Although there were some guests who were unable to make it, I had an amazing time with those who actually did.  We played fun games, ate food, and talked and laughed.  The time passed quickly but I enjoyed it all.  It was such a nice day, so sunny and fun.

Thank you to all my guests for blessing me with your presence (and presents, hee hee hee)!

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