My Big Fat Jamaican Wedding

Counting down to the big day

The Irie Dream Team: Introducing the Wedding Party

on July 22, 2012

Nyisha is mama caliente.

Nyisha- My Matron of Honour

This “hot mama” of one and wife is muy caliente y intelligenta.  Known for sense of style, take charge attitude, and generosity, this transplanted Canadian and graduate of the reknowned Wagner School at New York University (NYU) holder who makes her home in NYC is a matron of honour who takes her role seriously.  Not only did she spearhead my bridal shower from south of the border and co-ordinate everything on very little sleep, she checks in with me by phone many (did I say many? several) times a week to make sure that the wedding plans flow smoothly.  She does all this while keeping things chill on the homefront, raising a two-year old, and holding down her career which involves work trips to places like Las Vegas and Florida.  Sigh!  Plus she tested gifted in Grade 5 and choreographed and performed dances with her friends in elementary and high schools.  (And guess who she learned it from?  Moi.  The older sister should get some credit.)  Nyisha is a force to be reckoned with and lots of fun to be with.  She’ll have you doing rolls on the floor with laughter (okay maybe that’s just me).  We have our inside jokes.


Unripe mangoes make an excellent backdrop for Tierra.

Tierra- Maid of Honour

“Baby sister” is no longer a baby no more.  (She has proven she is all grown up.) Poised and loveable, she hosted the bridal shower and kept the guests entertained with her charm and line-up of games.  Baby girl started a company called Untouched Beauty to “help young women worldwide”develop better body images and senses of self-worth.  This second-year Carlton University student chose to focus on international business but fashion was a close second.  (Sigh! I wonder who she gets her ambition from?)  Also inheriting the flare for fashion and my love of words, she has “switched roles” by checking in on her big sister during the last few months and offering to take on the role of organizing the bachelorette party.  I am sure she is looking forward to being able to legallyshare a few drinks with my sister.  Not!  (What kind of older sister would give drinks to her youngest sister when I used to change her diapers?)  Just kidding.


Njeri is a natural beauty who enjoys trees.

Njeri- Honourary Bridesmaid

My “sister from another mister” and oldest friend has often been called my twin.  It does not bother us now.  It is much easier (and fun) to graciously accept this especially since she also shares the last name of my late Grandmother Stamy, my uncles, and aunt.  And who would have guessed that both me and “my twin” would have outgrown our nerdiness and develop into these intellectually-stimulating and stunning ebony goddesses?  Njeri will always remain the friend who called me daily while I lay in bed at the hospital for four days and would continue to do so as I recovered from surgery.  Would you expect anything less from a woman who swam with dolphins, interprets dreams, ran for political office at 21, and, while in high school, had her own talk show?  Plus she has a Master’s degree and began Osgoode Law School this past year, fulfilling her lifelong dream?  Plus she’s gifted (like my Nyisha) and I forgot to mention that she also took our splendid engagement photos.  Cho, as my father would say.  (Old Jamaican expression.)  Armed with sageand the knowledge of the sages, I am glad to have this grounded diva in my corner.  Even if she is Trinidadian.  (LOL.)


Justin is on the train track to life.

Justin- Best Man

If a picture is a thousand words, Justin may have a few novels stacked to his credit.  You see, Justin works in film.  So that gazed expression you see in this photo is probably his inner gears “in motion” while he conjures up his next project.  What will it be?  A music video?  A commercial?  A television episode? Hmmm…  I know.  Nadia and Adam’s Irie Island Jam.  We had the stag and doe of our dreams thanks to this man.  I wonder what he will think of next.  A bachelor party to rival all bachelor parties?  Known for his generosity, creativity, and “wing-man”ness, this Russell Crowe look-alike (sorry Justin, I had to mention it) is more than just a “pretty face”.  Justin met Adam in Winter’s College Residence (the artsy school) at York University and shared experiences that would go down in history books.  Looking forward to having him in Jamaica.  Stay out of trouble!  (Another cool fact is that his girlfriend and I share the same birthday.)


Sam shows off his abs of steel. Say cheese!

Sam- Groomsman 

Ladies and gents, sure you might be seeing an image before you of a young man enjoying his vacation.  Perhaps you are reflecting on your own vacation experiences as a youth or the time to come in Jamaica.  Sigh!  Currently in his second year of studies at “St. FX” (St. Francis of Xavier University) in Nova Scotia, Sam is a stellar athelete.  An aspiring professional soccer player, he is known for receiving the “Lion’s Paw” award at kindergarten graduation for knowing more lyrics of Bob Marley songs than any of his classmates (and his teacher for that matter).  You can thank his big brother Adam for that one.  Between his soccer playing and lyric knowledge, I’d say he’s got two things going for him when he arrives in Jamaica.  Perhaps he could help the Reggae Boyz (Jamaica’s national team) qualify for its first World Cup in fourteen years!  Lahd a mercy!


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