My Big Fat Jamaican Wedding

Counting down to the big day

Wedding Survival Tip #3: Pay for it

on June 27, 2012

Canadian money… oh so colourful

My goal in this wedding was to have as many do-it-yourself elements as possible.  I designed the invitations and y mother-in-law Mel, fiance, and I constructed them from scratch.  In total, it took about 60 hours but we were able to complete 100 one of a kind detailed invitations for less than $ 450 Canadian dollars.  (Please read my post about do-it-yourself cards.)

I also wanted another do-it-yourself detail– cake toppers.  I pictured that these little dolls would be like Adam and my avatars, details down to our dredlocks and skintones.  So this one was a no brainer.

By the time I got through these, I became a little “trigger happy” and wished “to do it yourself” everything including the veil.  Yes… I’m deciding to wear a veil.  I used to think veils were scary and terrifying.  I feared shrouding myself in white chiffon like a corpse or a sheep getting ready for slaughter.  (LOL.  My inner feminist speaks boldly.)  All sorts of imagery occurred to me.  And then, I found it.  I tried on two.  One was a Mantilla or Spanish veil.  I have long since admired these.

Bonita mantilla… pero no per me!

And then I tried on a second and then… sigh!  Love at first sight.  I fell in love with a veil.  And I vowed not to wear a veil. But the veil I tried on really completed the dress and I felt elegant like a real bride (and not her imposter)… feminine and strong yet flowy and of the sea.  I loved the look of my veil.

So, I decided to wear a veil.  Now what?  Well, I looked at my beautiful, delicate veil closely and saw that it was simply some cloth, some details, and a little work.  So guess what?  I decided to make the veil.  I couldn’t, in my head, justify paying almost $ 300 for this piece of cloth that I would wear on my head for such a short time.  So I went downtown to the fashion district on Queen Street West (Toronto) and bought myself some tulle ($ 4) and some crocheted bits ($ 1).  I was determined to make my veil from scratch.  I learned that I could purchase 120 Swarovski crystals for about $ 13 and some fabric glue for $ 10.  I went home and scoured the internet for instructions on how to make my veil.  Could it be done?  Was it possible?  Was I crazy for wanting to do this?   Were there other insane brides out there who made their own veils?  Or was I the only one?

I found company… there were other insane brides too.

I found instructional videos.  Making veils could be an “arts and craft project”.  I just need patience, a steady hand, and time… lots of time… Time seems to be on short supply these days.  I mean… there… is… just… so… much… to… do and I could almost scream.  I currently work part-time and I just don’t get how other brides work full-time and plan their wedding.  And don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy planning my wedding but how do people plan their wedding for two years?  I am planning my wedding within 6 months and it’s a destination wedding at that.  So the intense planning time is much shorter and I could deal with that but two years?

So after one bride said it took her about 9 hours alone to glue the crystals on her veil, I said, “Enough!”  I will pay for my veil… it was quite a spontaneous decision actually (and I quietly breathed a sigh of relief).  I gave in to the purchase but at least I knew that this was the veil I really loved.  I will give myself some extra time to relax, nap, watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or do whatever the he#@ I please.  (Yes, I censored the word hell.  What?)

Almost went with a birdcage… and it sure likes nice though. Maybe it’s still not too late to switch back. I could buy the materials to make this too. Ooh decisions.


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