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Cardmaking 101

on April 9, 2012

When I first got engaged, I was hoping that someone– a wedding planner, the destination wedding coordinator, divine intervention, somebody– might take the reigns and make my wedding planning a lot easier.  Weddings are a lot of work.  Bridal gown shopping seemed like it would be a huge, stressful task and I feared my experience would be something like the indecisive brides have on Say Yes to the  Dress.  Then a few years ago, I was the Maid of Honour at my sister’s wedding and although it was a lot of fun, I knew how much planning was involved.

(That’s me on the far right. I never caught a bridal bouquet in my life, though I came very close at many a wedding reception. I loved the beautiful bouquet that I was holding that day– my own bouquet– so much that I kept it for more than two years after the wedding until Mother Nature took over and reduced its crumbling brown petals into a fine dust. 😦

Plus, Canadian reality television has no shortage of bridal shows.  Oh, the meltdowns, the anxiety, and the madness!  (All of the following shows are from the same channel, Slice.  You can watch them all online.  These shows were my wedding classroom.  One of my degrees is in Reality Wedding Show-ology.)

I did not want to have any of that in my wedding experience.  I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.

F*&# that!

Now, after having been engaged for almost two years, having had my own pseudo-reality show “Bride Interrupted: How Cancer Can Put Your Wedding Plans On Hold… And How She Took It Back”,  I cannot wait to get into some diy (do-it-yourself) aspects of planning the wedding.

My creative juices have begun flowing.  I wish to plan, design, and implement so many aspects of the wedding that reflect my fiance and me.  I am so glad that we got started on some of this stuff earlier on.  Engagement Ring blessing in 2010? Check.  Engagement photos in 2010? Check.  Bridal gown shopping in 2011 and 2012? Check.  Meeting with the destination wedding planners in 2010, 2011, and 2012? Check.

Now I want to plan everything.  I want to make the invitations, the cake-toppers, the embellishments on my dress, a blog, etc.  Am I getting in touch with my inner-Bridezilla?  Hmmm… possibly.

Within reason, I wish to enjoy this wedding planning process.  So this is where it begins.  The invitations.  I already design my own cards for friends and family and have tried selling them at a fundraiser several weeks ago.  I visited a few stationary shops and was given a tip to visit The Paper Place.

When I arrived, I found this wonderland, a haven of all things paper.  The Paper Place has been around for twenty years and specializes in Japanese papers like those used for origami and decorating.  I arrived twenty minutes before closing time so I had to quickly decide what to get.  I bought ribbon, cardstock, envelopes, papers… When I got home and visited the store website, I was happy to learn that there was a cardmaking workshop in a few days.

I registered and returned with my  purchased supplies to learn new techniques and gain more ideas on how to create unique cards.  There were sample materials that I could use like all kinds of stamps, ink pads, glitter glue, letter stamps, cut-outs, glue ribbon, bone cutters, Xacto knifes, blank cards of assorted sizes, special Japanese papers, things to make the corners round, things to cut-out detailed images… What fun!  I experimented with some ideas that I sketched out beforehand and others came to me on the spot.  I came up with many sample invitation cards to take home and choose from.  So let the good times roll!

Steady… steady…

There we are… masterpieces!


One response to “Cardmaking 101

  1. Marsha says:

    Cool! I would LOVE to visit that store!

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