My Big Fat Jamaican Wedding

Counting down to the big day

Jamaican TV Ads

on April 1, 2012

According to wikipedia, the Clio Awards are annual awards bestowed to reward innovation and creative excellence in advertisingdesign and communication.  In my mind, Jamaica should be at the top of the list with television commercials.  Whenever I go to Jamaica, I love to watch the television ads which usually crack me up or impress me with their boldness.  These ads are unabashedly, unmistakably Jamaican.  For my Canadian ears, it’s refreshing to hear Jamaican patois, sayings, and even dancehall in a commercial.  If you know of other Jamaican ads that I could add to this list, please send me a link.

Puma Jamaica Ad

Series of Puma Ads featuring Usain Bolt and Elephant Man

Mother’s Patty Line-Up The first time Adam and I went to Jamaica together, this commercial was always on television and kept us entertained.

Mother’s Beef Patty Relaunch

This very well-done, beautiful ad features a young multi-cultural Jamaica and reminds me of the “I Am Canadian” ads that were popular in Canada.  Bigga 2009- This Is Our Time

Red Stripe Mission ImPAWSible Series


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